Different types of exergames use different kinds of hardware. The hardware of games on this site is always easy to make yourself or available cheaply.

Depending on the game you use a self-built game console (based on an Arduino Leonardo), a trampoline with a switch that detects jumps (easy to make yourself) or a dance mat (available for little money in various webshops) or simple push buttons that can be placed on the on the ground or hang somewhere high.

Dance mat

For games with a dance mat, you buy an existing dance mat, for example at Amazon.com or your local webstore.


A lever must be placed under a fitness trampoline that switches on a microswitch when a person is standing on the trampoline. If the person jumps, this switch will turn off momentarily (and turn on again as soon as the person returns to the trampoline).

Detection with a switch is the best way because it never gives false positives (signal that the person is jumping when in fact he/she is not). Systems with an ultrasonic sensor do suffer from these false positives and that spoils the fun.

DIY trampoline switch

Use the 3D print file below to make a lever box that will hold a standard sized arcade microswitch. This switch is connected to the console with a standard speaker cable (or any other kind of cable).



The Squat Pole

The Squat Pole consists of a 1.30m height pole with a distance sensor on top of it. The sensor detects if a person is standing (next to the pole or in front of the pole). When the person squats or bends down this is detected by the sensor.

The Squat Pole is used for example in the game Schnappi: you have to squat to close the mouth of a crocodile to avoid bombs.

To create the Squat Pole you need the 3d-printed parts, a PVC pipe, an Arduino Leonardo and some LED's and switches. This Instructable explains how to built it.

Photon Fit

The Photon Fit is an exergaming console that uses invisible laser light to track the movements of the user. The system detects squats, jumps, punches and left/right bends. Squatting and jumping are good exercises and it is fun to control games by doing these moves.

A good core workout: one game requires you to make flying movements with your arms as if you were a bird.

To create the Photon Fit you need an Arduino Leonardo, some VL530LX laser modules and 3D printed cases. This Instructable explains how to built it.