Photon Fit

This page explains in great detail how you can make your own Exergames console called the Photon Fit.

What is the Photon Fit?

Hardware: electronics

Hardware: 3d printed enclosures

Setting up the installation

Aansluiten, testen en keys instellen onder Linux en full-screen

Program and play exergames

uitleg keys programmeren sen dan de games
What is the Photon Fit?

The Photon Fit is an exergaming system consisting of a console with an embedded laser sensor and 3 additional boxes with laser sensors. The laser sensors are so-called time-of-flight sensors that accurately detect distances. In the exergaming setup these sensors detect various positions of the human body (the player). Specifically movements like jumps, squats, right/left lunges or right/left kicks/punches/bends and forward punches can be detected. Games running on the PC can even detect movements like flapping your arms as if you were a bird. Also rope jumps, push-ups and jumping jacks can be detected when sensors are setup in a particular way. Every sensor detects the presence of human body parts and sends keystrokes to the PC. That's how it all works.

To make the system yourself you need some basic electronic skills and have access to a 3d printer to print the enclosures. For technical help on all of this I am your guy: ask me about software, hardware and game programming via I will be glad to help.

Hardware: electronics

The hardware consists of a console with a built-in ToF (time-of-flight) sensor and 3 additional boxes with a ToF sensor inside.