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Moving healthier is easier if you play an interactive game. This site is about making smart games in which you play and move at the same time.

Sensors detect your movements and so you can play games through the computer and keep track of your progress.

Thanks to gamification your daily workouts become a lot less boring.

How does it work?
You connect a trampoline, push button, dance mat or other special exergaming controller(s) to the computer (either directly or via a special console). Start the game on the computer (Linux, Mac or Windows) and play (move)!

You can make everything yourself: the hardware such as the console and various types of controllers. Also the software (the games) you can program yourself, or you just play the free games from this site.

Play the games.

I want that!
At a minimum you need a dance mat or a console and a special controller like a trampoline with a switch. On this site you will find building instructions for the hardware of game controllers that you can make yourself. Mail to marcel@bodygames.nl if you need help building stuff.


Console prototype


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